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  • Native Plant Spotlight: Sunflower Everlasting

    For today’s edition of Native Plant Spotlight, I actually had originally miss-identified for quite a while.  But now I know better, and so, a good topic for this spotlight.  About this time of year I see blooming along my bike path to work/running path network a tall, yellow, sunflower family flower.  It seems to like…

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  • Native Plant Spotlight: Sneezeweed

    “And here is where I put the sneezeweed…” “You just planted what?” That, I believe, was the reaction at my glee this past spring- upon my planting 7 plugs of Helenium autumnale – Common Sneezeweed. Maybe I should have used the Latin name.  Sounds much prettier and wouldn’t have everyone preemptively reaching for a box…

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  • Native Plant Spotlight: Jewelweed

    You know what they say about assuming. For years, running along this boardwalk- nearly weekly- based on some of the plants before me – the Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), Phragmites & purple loosestrife, I assumed that all the plants that congregated in this marshy area at the head of the Alewife Brook were invasive.  I…

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