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  • Saying Goodbye to My Garden

    One of the many giant clumps of beebalm in the backyard- doubled in size at least from last year. After six years in this garden, we are moving.  We bought a house a few blocks down the street from our current condo and will be moving next week.  I am supremely excited for the opportunity…

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  • Grass to Meadow

    A while back I wrote about this.  Practically all summer I was waiting to start this project.  While I have been lamenting the loss of summer’s heat and long days, looking forward to this project has been the only good part of the cooling weather.  We ripped out our small, needless front lawn and replaced…

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  • Doing Away with Needless Lawn (part 1)

    Doing Away with Needless Lawn (part 1)

    In the native plant & water friendly gardening community folks can come down pretty hard against turf grass & lawns.  I hear ya.  They can be ecological dead zones.  Parasitic in their zeal for water, fertilizer & petroleum consumption.  Not to mention time and money.  As all of these resources become harder to come by…

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