Saying Goodbye to My Garden


One of the many giant clumps of beebalm in the backyard- doubled in size at least from last year.

After six years in this garden, we are moving.  We bought a house a few blocks down the street from our current condo and will be moving next week.  I am supremely excited for the opportunity to start fresh in a new house and new garden.  A big reason for buying this house (at least for me) was the garden potential.  That and not living on the ground floor of a duplex anymore… living under people after a while gets pretty old.

However, I am sad to see this place go.  The garden especially.  We transformed this small weedy yard into an oasis for bird and bug life.  Most of the backyard beds were invasive swallowwort and daylillies six years ago.  A day lilly or two still pops up in the corners, but the swallowwort is mostly gone.  In their place are two dozen native pollinator loving species (and a few non-natives, it took me a few years to fully realize the importance of ecological gardening)

Sure there have been mistakes along the way.  But I’ve learned.  And I’ll never stop learning.  But I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my new, and markedly sunnier new blank-slate yard.

Weeds to wild won’t be the right name anymore because the new garden seems more like an empty page than a weedy mess.  But wild is still my intent.

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